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CADian Professional
Using .DWG format and opening .DGN format
As AutoCAD, CADian uses .DWG files so that any drawings saved using AutoCAD from R12 pana la R2012 can be opened, modified and saved without any data loss. CADian may open old AutoCAD files such as AutoCAD R12 drawings better then AutoCAD. Also, CADian users can open .DGN files of Microstation.

The same Command line as in AutoCAD
By clicking the right button of mouse on the toolbar then selecting [command bar] from the shortcut menu, or pressing [F3], the command line appears as in AutoCAD. Furthermore, users are able to use AutoCAD commands and thousands of programs coded by AutoLISP, ADS, ARX or VBA in CADian.

Ribbon menu

Ribbon menu is supported in CADian 2012. This fuction minimizes the number of clicking. Users who are used to Toolbar menu may spend two or three days adapting to Ribbon menu, but it will speed up the working process. Especially for the new users, Ribbon menu is easier to work with than Toolbar menu.

Design Center

Using Design Center you can bring blocks, dimension types, layers from other drawing to current drawing. For example blocks from Design Center can be inserted to current drawing by dragging and this process will increase efficiency.

Managing Drawings Using CADian Explorer

CADian Explorer has the similar interface to Windows Explorer so that users can find layers, line types, text styles, blocks, view, coordinates(UCS), etc in a drawing and manage them easily. In other words, necessary elements from opened drawing can be removed, copied or moved to other drawings.

Using user tools, you can customize CADian

Using user tools such as AutoLISP, ADS, ARX sau VBA canbe customized with your own preference.

Excellent Properties Window

The properties window shows the attribute information of the entities, if you select lots of entities, it shows the common attribute information or the attribute information of the active tab. If you edit the information at the properties window, you can save some time because it will be applied quickly on your drawing.
Supporting Professional 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling

In CADian, 3D models are easily generated with 3D functions such as hidden line removal, shade and full render.
CADian users can open and view 3DS files of Autodesk.
Block Edit
When a block is used several times and modified using BEDIT command, then all copied blocks are modified on the original one at once. This command can be used efficiently.

Reference Edit

When referenced drawing modification is required, without calling the original drawing, the referenced drawing can be modified using REFEDIT.
Then the modification can be applied to the original drawing.
This command will increase the efficiency of the drawing work.
CADian StyleBar

The new tool, CADian StyleBar, provides the real-time management of layers, which used to be handled in CADian Explorer, as a separate toolbar.
- ON/OFF, FREEZE/THAW, LOCK/UNLOCK, PRINT, COLOR attributes of each layer
- Setting the layer of a selected entity as the current layer
- Managing the Color, Linetype, Lineweight or DDMODIFIY easily.
Gradient Hatch

You can easily manage the degree of density for each color. Therefore you can create native shadow effect between two colors at once. Now you can make beautiful presentation files and drawing files without using any other presentation programs.
Print Style Table

Print style is an entity property distinguished by layers or entities. It can change the way of printing for drawings. If you revise the print style of entities, it resets the entity color, line type and line weight. Also, you can apply dithering, gray scale, pen setting and screening effect using print style table.
Quick Selection

Quick Selection helps you to filter the selection sets per entity types or specifications such as color. For example, you can either set red circular entities to be selected only, or you can set entities that are not red and circular to be selected only. You can save your time for editing the repeated works with Quick Selection.
Polar Tracking and Polar Snap

Polar Tracking and Polar Snap set your cursor (cross hair) move in specific angles in order to support the accuracy of your drawing. With Polar Snap feature you can limit your cursor move in your desired angles. In addition, it will show the arrangement path and tooltip to support you.
Excel Connector

Using OLE feature, you can import text data from Microsoft Excel to CADian. In reverse, you can also export text table created in CADian to Microsoft Excel.
Batch Plot

It is possible to Batch Plot Multiple pages of drawings in CADian. When you specify a folder (pages do not matter), all the drawings in the folder can be batch plotted. When there are number of drawings in a single drawing file, you can also specify the border name and batch plot it.
AutoCAD, .DWG, AutoLISP, ADS, ARX, 3DMax and 3DS are the registered trademark of Autodesk Inc. CADian Soft is not affiliated with Autodesk Inc.